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Baking Dreams into Reality: The Biz Life of Popsie Cakes

Updated: Mar 12

🎥 Ready for some serious inspiration? Don't miss out on our latest episode of "Biz Life" here on Nomads Media featuring the incredible journey of pastry chef and entrepreneur, Popsie Elegir of Popsie Cakes in Manila, Philippines! 🍰

Get ready to be motivated as Popsie shares her secrets on how she turned her passion into a business. From making the leap from her previous career as a media executive to pursuing her love for baking & desserts, Popsie has some invaluable insights and advice for everyone.  Whether you're an entrepreneur, manager, or dreaming of starting your own venture, this episode is packed with nuggets of wisdom just for you! Watch it now and join us as we dive into the world of entrepreneurship with Popsie!

You can also share your stories with our community of entrepreneurs, creators and aspirants on FB (Global), FB (Filipino), Viber (Filipino), and on Telegram (Global)

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