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Step into the world of Nomads and let your aspirations take flight.

Welcome to Nomads, the lifestyle media for dreamers and visionaries, published by marketing agencies Nomads Global Studios in the Philippines and VideoGaga in Spain. Welcome to our community of entrepreneurs, creators & aspirants who dare to aspire, create, and thrive. We cover career, business, travel, and life abroad.


Nomads is not just a magazine; it's a compass for those who dare to dream beyond boundaries. Tailored for entrepreneurs, creators, and aspiring business owners, Nomads Media encapsulates the spirit of relentless pursuit and the zest for life.


In the dynamic realm of career and business, Nomads delves into the stories of trailblazers, offering insightful interviews, success blueprints, and cutting-edge strategies. It serves as a guidebook for those carving their niche in the business world, providing a platform where dreams meet actionable insights.

Trends & Marketing is another vibrant section that keeps the pulse of the ever-evolving market. Nomads not only predicts trends but also dissects them, offering a roadmap for staying ahead in the game. From digital marketing to innovative branding, Nomads provides the knowledge necessary for cultivating a brand that stands out.

Culture & Diversity is at the heart of Nomads Media. It celebrates the richness of global cultures, fostering a community where differences are not just acknowledged but embraced. The magazine serves as a bridge connecting diverse minds, creating a space where ideas converge to create something extraordinary.

For the adventurous souls, Nomads opens the gateway to exploration with its Travel and Life Abroad features. Whether it's uncovering hidden gems in far-off lands or navigating the challenges of expat life, Nomads provides a compass for those seeking to make the world their playground.

Nomads isn't just a magazine; it's a movement, a manifesto for those who believe in the power of dreams and the courage to chase them. Step into the world of Nomads and let your aspirations take flight.

Our Team



📍Madrid & Manila
Meet Carlo, the heart and soul behind Nomads Media. With a solid 17 years riding the waves of publishing, journalism & marketing, Carlo's journey is like a travelogue of impactful roles. From steering the ship at Travelife Magazine as Managing Editor and calling the creative shots at Travelife TV as Creative Director to weaving stories at Mega Magazine and Young Star (The Philippine Star) as Assistant Editor, he's been the storyteller we all need. As the brain behind 100 Magazine and Bounce Magazine, Carlo found his groove. His brainchild, Nomads Media, sprouted from a mix of passion for lifestyle journalism, business, diversity, wanderlust and his passion for elevating digital literacy and professional development among various communities. Here's to Carlo - weaving tales and creating spaces for diverse voices!

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Associate Editor


📍Madrid & Paris

Meet Freddie Elies, the soulful Associate Editor of Nomads Media. With decades immersed in the art of literary expression, Freddie brings a seasoned touch to our editorial board. His passion for language and culture is woven into every word he crafts, creating narratives that resonate deeply. A true wordsmith, Freddie's journey in the realm of storytelling has been a tapestry of experience, each thread reflecting his profound understanding of the written word. As our literary maestro, Freddie elevates Nomads Media with his rich background, infusing a poetic essence into our exploration of diverse stories, making language and culture the heartbeats of our narrative symphony.

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Contributing Editor


📍Manila, Philippines
Meet Anna, the dynamic Contributing Editor of Nomads Media. With an extensive career woven through global brands like Deuter, Head Tennis, Kleenex, Huggies, and Kotex, Anna brings a unique lens to our editorial board. Her passion lies in narrating the tales of businesses and brands, inspiring entrepreneurs and the workforce alike. Anna's storytelling prowess transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, shedding light on the heart and soul of enterprises. With her wealth of experience and dedication to inspiring narratives, Anna contributes a vibrant chapter to Nomads Media, where every story she tells becomes a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the world of business and brands.

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Contributing Editor

📍Budapest & Manila

Meet Regis, the insightful Contributing Editor of Nomads Media. As a seasoned content and digital marketing specialist, Regis has left his mark across diverse realms. His role as Partnerships Director at VideoGaga, the e-learning and marketing platform, showcases his prowess in forging meaningful connections. Regis's journey includes a stint as the Digital Strategist for New Business at Publicis Groupe in Central and Eastern Europe, where his strategic acumen flourished. His past as a Business Development Specialist at TripZilla reveals his knack for navigating the dynamic landscape of travel. With a rich tapestry of experiences, Regis brings a wealth of insights to Nomads Media, enriching our narrative tapestry.



📍Manila, Philippines

Meet Bea, the vibrant Writer at Nomads Media, shaping narratives with flair. Formerly a Contributing Writer at Adobo Magazine, she brought creativity to the advertising realm. As a Creative Copywriter at Linya-Linya, Bea added a playful touch to her words, crafting memorable brand stories. Her stint as a Creative Writer at MyPhone showcased her versatility in diverse storytelling. Bea's pen dances across industries, infusing every piece with a unique voice. With a background that blends creativity and versatility, Bea adds a splash of imagination to Nomads Media, where her words are a brush painting vivid tales of exploration and diversity.

Content Specialist (VideoGaga)


📍Granada, Spain

Meet Antonio, a seasoned Content Specialist with a rich background in video production and social media. As a mentor at VideoGaga, an esteemed e-learning and marketing platform, he has honed his skills in guiding aspiring creators. Antonio's expertise extends to audio-visual and photography, making him a versatile professional in the multimedia landscape. His collaboration with renowned brands like OM-System and Fujifilm showcases his ability to deliver impactful content. Antonio is not only a master of his craft but also a strategic collaborator, consistently pushing creative boundaries and leaving an indelible mark in the dynamic world of digital media.

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