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From Filipino Flavors to Women's Voices in the Global Arena: A Conversation

Updated: Mar 12

In a delightful and insightful interview with Nomads Editor-in-Chief Carlo Velasco, Carla Peras, a communications executive and women's rights advocate, shares her passion for Filipino food, the challenges faced by women, and the importance of diversity in contemporary life and society.

The conversation begins with the two friends savoring Filipino delicacies, each relishing their favorite dishes from pork barbecue to puto bumbong and bibingka. The nostalgia that surround the discussion set the tone for a more profound exploration of Carla's life and passions.

As the discussion delves into Carla's advocacy for women's rights, she sheds light on the concept of invisible labor. Carla passionately explains how women, particularly mothers, bear the burden of unrecognized, unpaid work in maintaining households. Using a vivid example of planning a family trip, she illustrates the unregulated expectations placed on women to fulfill numerous roles seamlessly. This invisible labor extends beyond the household to the workplace, where women often find themselves burdened with additional responsibilities.

Carla's dedication to highlighting the struggles of mothers and women in general stems from a desire to give them a voice. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing the mental, emotional, and physical toll of invisible labor, a concept that resonates deeply with many women who may have been unaware of the terminology.

Carla recounts her experience speaking to a community of mothers about invisible labor. She resonates with their daily struggles and unspoken challenges, brings some to tears. Carla's ability to articulate these complex issues provides a cathartic release for women who may have grappled with feelings of exhaustion and frustration.

Carla also reminisces about her modest beginnings as an editorial assistant for a food and beverage magazine. It was a high school English teacher's acknowledgment of her writing skills that ignited her passion for storytelling. This newfound passion led her to pursue a degree in English literature and communications, setting her on a path to become an editor-in-chief and eventually a publisher.

Carla's career trajectory eventually led her into the digital realm, where she found herself working for a Singapore-based company, The Parentinc. This move was motivated by the need for a more supportive environment for her role as a mother. The experience broadened her horizons, allowing her to work in a multicultural and multinational setting, reinforcing her love for learning and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Carla's journey is a testament to the power of passion, advocacy, and the pursuit of knowledge.

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