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Being Your Own Brand with Jessica Yang

Watch our episode with top model & social media personality Jessica Yang for our Women's Month Special! If you're a creator, marketer, and business owner, this one's for you.

In this episode of Nomads Media, we chat with Jessica about her experience as a woman and the power of "Being Your Own Brand," whether you're creating content for yourself or for a specific business. She'll also share with us her career evolution, from being a model to becoming a brand ambassador & creator.

This discussion tackles:

  • Jessica's career evolution from modeling to social media and content creation

  • Advice for aspiring models

  • Advice for aspiring content creators Building your personal brand

  • Creating content for yourself

  • Creating content for a brand or for your business

  • Tips on growing on social media

Don't miss this exclusive Nomads Media episode, hosted by Nomads editor-in-chief Carlo Velasco! Watch it here on and on our channels or

You can also share your stories with our community of entrepreneurs, creators and aspirants on FB (Global), FB (Filipino), Viber (Filipino), and on Telegram (Global)

Nomads Media is a lifestyle publication by VideoGaga and Nomads Global Studios.


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