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A Path to Influence & Success with Sam YG

Updated: Mar 12

🎙️ Join us for an exciting episode of Nomads Media with our special guest Sam YG, renowned host, media personality, and funny man! Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired as Sam shares his incredible career story, triumphs, and invaluable advice for entrepreneurs, creators, entertainers, and hosts alike.

The discussion tackles:

  • Sam's career story as host, entertainer, and social media creator

  • Career & business in hosting and entertainment

  • Public speaking

  • Career & business in social media, content creation and influencer marketing

  • Growth on social media

Don't miss this exclusive Nomads Media episode packed with insights for your own path to success - hosted by Nomads editor-in-chief Carlo Velasco! Tune in and level up your game with Sam's wisdom on here on and on our channels,, or

You can also share your stories with our community of entrepreneurs, creators and aspirants on FB (Global), FB (Filipino), Viber (Filipino), and on Telegram (Global)

Nomads Media is a lifestyle publication by VideoGaga and Nomads Global Studios.

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