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How to start and grow your YouTube channel

Gone are the days where the only entertainment we get to consume was from what we see on the television or what we hear on the radio. Not until the rise of technology and emergence of social media that platform like YouTube has revolutionized the way we consume content.

Through YouTube, we get to watch and listen at the same time because anyone can share their passion to the world wherever they may be through video blogging (vlog). It can sound a little tricky and complicated but this opens you to opportunities for you to connect with your audience, start your business, and make it as one of sources of income.

But first, where do you start? Here are a few to-do's to kickstart your journey on YouTube:

  1. Create a channel If you're already on YouTube with a Google or Gmail account, simply click on your profile icon and navigate your channel through YouTube Studio where you can customize your banner, profile photo, and channel name.

  2. Make a video content A beginner like you must start somewhere. With a decent camera or smartphone that has a high-resolution camera, you can create quality content for your target audience. As you progress, you may also want to consider investing in essential accessories like tripods and microphones. Editing and splicing your content to make it more worth the watch can take most of your time. As a beginner, you can maximize free apps like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker to help you stitch your videos (Additional free app: Microsoft Clipchamp).

  3. Spread the word Once your video content is ready to publish, optimize your video's title and description for better searchability. This also opens you to potential viewers and subscribers. Engage with other content creators and be sure to respond to comments to foster sense of community around your channel.

While these are just the initial steps, at the end of the day, you get to plan out and strategize how you can get started with video content creation. Besides making money out of it, always remember to have fun. Start creating, start connecting, and let your creativity shine on YouTube.


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