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Brands To Get Inspiration To For Your Next Social Media Content

Almost, if not all, businesses nowadays are going on social media to market their products or services through content creation. While crafting an entire content plan for your brand takes some time, it can get better and easier for your brand or business if the content pillars were identified ahead of time.

To help you get started with content planning, here are a few brands to get inspiration to for your social media content (because they are doing really well on socials).

Postmates A logistics company with food delivery as its primary service, Postmates feature its partner restaurants and merchants on social media, especially on TikTok. The company focuses more on human-centric content that makes them relatable to their market.

Cash App

A finance app with mobile payment as its main service, Cash App uses the combination of entertainment and informative content to reach their market. The brand also collaborates with content creators that resonates with their target.


A Canadian footwear company highlighting their product as “The waterproof shoes you can wear for an entire trip," Vessi uses experiential and humor to get to their market.

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