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Creating Your Career with Jake Galvez

Join us for an interesting episode of Nomads Media with our special guest Jake Galvez, a phenomenal make-up artist, creative director, and brand ambassador. Sit back as Jake shares his journey in the beauty and creative industries, the influence of social media, and the transformative power of creativity in business.

This discussion tackles:

  • Jake's passion and career in art and beauty

  • Current business endeavors

  • Business management challenges

  • Transition to traditional to social media discovery

  • Portfolio building

Don't miss this exclusive Nomads Media episode packed with insights for your own path to solidifying your career - hosted by Nomads editor-in-chief Carlo Velasco! Tune in and be inspired with Jake's creativity and passion only here on and on our channels,, or

You can also share your stories with our community of entrepreneurs, creators and aspirants on FB (Global), FB (Filipino), Viber (Filipino), and on Telegram (Global)

Nomads Media is a lifestyle publication by VideoGaga and Nomads Global Studios.

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