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Join Us Live: Nomads Media Live with Sam YG

Updated: Feb 23

🎙️ Join us for an exciting episode of Nomads Media LIVE with Sam YG, renowned host, media personality, and funny man, on Friday, February 23 at 5PM Manila (10AM Madrid)! 🌟 Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired as Sam shares his incredible career story, triumphs, and invaluable advice for entrepreneurs, creators, entertainers, and hosts alike.

The discussion will tackle:

  • Sam's career story as host, entertainer, and social media creator

  • Career & business in hosting and entertainment

  • Public speaking

  • Career & business in social media, content creation and influencer marketing

  • Growth on social media

Don't miss this exclusive Nomads Media episode packed with insights for your own path to success - hosted by Nomads editor-in-chief Carlo Velasco! Tune in and level up your game with Sam's wisdom on,, or

The recording of the episode will be published here on

Nomads Media is a lifestyle publication by VideoGaga and Nomads Global Studios.


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